Konferencja Talks on Conferences of dr. Witold Tomaszewski

  1. International Conference on Universal Algebra and its Applications, Jachranka 1993, ''On fixed points of the automorphism of finite order''.
  2. Group and Group Rings I, Gliwice 21-22 september 1993, ''On fixed points of the automorphism permuting generators''.
  3. Group and Group Rings II, Gliwice 20-23 september 1994, ''On the fixed points series for permutation of generators''.
  4. Group and Group Rings III, Gliwice 5-8 september 1995, ''Groups with automorphisms of order two which have leave only the neutral element fixed''.
  5. Group and Group Rings IV, Lwów 21-25 september 1996, ''On automorphisms which permute generators''.
  6. Group and Group Rings V, Białystok 16-20 september 1997, ''Symmetric presentation of groups''.
  7. Group and Group Rings VI, Wisła 2-8 june 1998, ''On automorphisms permuting generators in groups''.
  8. Group and Group Rings VII, Supraśl 15-19 june 1999, ''On the basis of the commutator subgroup in a free group''.
  9. Group and Group Rings VIII, Wisła 6-10 june 2000, ''On automorphisms of finite order in free abelian groups''.
  10. Group and Group Rings IX, Białystok 18-23 june 2001, ''Automorphisms of prime order of free metabelian groups''.
  11. Group and Group Rings X, Ustroń 10-14 june 2003, ''On presentations of groups of invertible elements of Hamiltonian algebra''.
  12. 2 Podlaska Konferencja Matematyki, Białystok 21-22 april 2006, ,,Podnoszenie automorfizmów skończonych rzędów'' (in polish).
  13. Groups and their Actions, Będlewo 1-7 july 2007, ''On groups of n-permutations''.
  14. 3 Podlaska Konferencja Matematyki, Białystok 11-13 april 2008, ,,Grupy generowane przez mep-pary'' (in polish).
  15. Geometric Group Theory (Davis 60), Będlewo 14-20 june 2009, ''On existence of a wreath product of symmetric group and cyclic group in the symmetric group''.
  16. 4th Podlasie Conference on Mathematics, Białystok 9-11 april 2010, ''Classification of identities in groups''.
  17. Groups and their Actions, Będlewo 23-28 august 2010, ''Mep-relations in the wreath product of symmetric and cyclic group''.
  18. Groups and their Actions, Będlewo 9-13 july 2012, lecture (main speaker) ''Symmetric operations in groups and Marczewski-Płonka problem''.
  19. Groups St Andrews 2013 in St Andrews 3-11 august 2013, ''When the commutation of two words gives abelianity''.
  20. 6th Podlasie Conference on Mathematics, Białystok 1-4 july 2014, ''On Milnor laws''.